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Greetings and welcome to  My name is Stephan Earl.  I’m a hobbyist musician, composer and producer who plays piano, saxophone and the Akai EWI Electronic Wind Instrument.  I’ve been playing and writing music for a little over 30 years and producing music for over 25 years.  The photo to the right is me in my home studio back in 1992.

I took about an eight year hiatus from writing and recording music, and in 2005 began building my home studio in order to rekindle my love for music.  Since then my setup has changed, shifted and evolved as I purchased kit pieces that were incredible and fun to create with, and some that were outright garbage.

Although I had years of experience with electronic music and recording equipment, the technology had changed  so much that I found myself spending countless hours researching hardware and virtual instruments.  I’d crawl all over the web on You Tube, rip through review sites, download manuals and subscribe to trade magazines all in hopes of avoiding wasting hard-earned coin on kit that would only find its way to eBay in a month or two.

So as I’ve had my share of setup problems to solve, have had to overcome major software and hardware incompatibility challenges, and have found some real gems through it all; I knew I wanted to give back.  I wanted to be able to share what I’ve learned, and hopefully help someone who may be going through what I went through in getting my studio together.

Hence… was born.  In between composing and recording music I’ll grab my laptop and share my thoughts, reviews and experiences with producing music in the home studio environment.  Future posts will cover topics ranging from reviews of  kit pieces that are now my bread and butter instruments, to the plug-ins that had a hasty meeting with my delete button.  Also tips and techniques on mixing music and learning tools to help you get the knowledge you need to make your music sound larger than life.

And isn’t that what it’s all about – creating and producing inspiring music without all the technical hassles slowing you down?  Feel free to leave comments, ask questions, or  just share your experiences with your home studio setup.

Enjoy and happy creating!


Below is a studio tour of my latest setup.  Check out this Studio Tour post for a listing of the kit mentioned.

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Thanks to the SPAM bots of the world, I’ve disabled the contact form.  However, I can be reached directly via post comments or social media: Twitter,  You Tube, and Facebook.

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