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Air Display iPad App for Windows PC

Air Display for iPad

Great news!!  Air Display app for iPad now works on Windows PC.   Air Display by Avatron Software is an app that allows you to extend your computer display onto your iPad.  Back in May, I wrote a post titled Air Display for iPad which featured a video on YouTube of Eric Pershing demonstrating the app on a Mac using Logic with Omnisphere.  At that time the app was only available for Mac, and it’s now updated for Windows PC.

Here’s a quick video of me demonstrating Air Display on my Windows 7 PC system using Steinberg Cubase 5.5 and Battery 3 by Native instruments.


Last month I wrote a post about MaxiVista which is another app available for Windows PC that allows you to extend your monitor onto your iPad.  The difference is that MaxiVista as of this writing doesn’t have touch screen capability, so you can’t use the iPad as a control surface with MaxiVista.

However with Air Display you do have touch screen capability, so most  functions of yourAir Display for iPad DAW or virtual instruments can be used and controlled from the iPad.  The Air Display software was easy to install onto my Windows system, and there is little to no noticeable latency when using the iPad as a control surface.  I must point out the as of this writing the Windows version of Air Display is still in beta testing, so there may be further improvements by the time of its official release.  Air Display costs $9.99 from the Apple store  and is well worth the purchase price.


Air Display may be a better option than iPad control surface apps such as  AC-7 Pro, because it’s not an app looking to adopt functions of your virtual instruments or DAW, you are actually controlling your DAW.  Cubase provide up to three separate mixer windows and the ability to store window configurations.  I created a new window configuration with Cubase’s Mixer 3 on the iPad along with the transport.  This allows me to record from across the room or from a recording booth and have full control of Cubase remotely.

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