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Anytune Pro HQ Music Practice App for iOS

Anytune Pro HQ Music Practicing iOS App
Anytune Pro HQ Music Practicing iOS App
Anytune Pro HQ Music Practicing iOS App


Developer: Anystone Technologies
Version: Pro HQ 3.0
Type: Slow Downer Practice App
Price: $14.99


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Plenty of features. Amazing sound quality at extreme speeds and pitches.


Could benefit from a user manual.

Posted July 24, 2012 by Stephan Earl

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As a semi old-school Jazz musician, I’ve spent countless hours starting and stopping cassette tapes and CD players transcribing the classics from John Coltrane, Miles Davis, JS Bach and others.  Practicing and transcribing music using the tools of old was a cumbersome process of starting and stopping the music player of choice, hoping you didn’t go back too far and hoping Coltrane didn’t play too fast so you could keep up.

Fast-forward to today and the tools just got a whole lot more sophisticated.  Anystone Technologies recently released Anytune 3 the latest version of Anytune music practice iOS app.  Music practice or “slow-downer” apps such as Anytune are extremely useful for rehearsing dance routines, learning instrument parts, transcribing music, practicing vocal parts and practicing music in different keys.

Watch my video review of Anytune 3 to see it in action.

Anytune Pro HQ Music Practice App for iOS

So what sets Anytune 3 apart from the competition?  Features and sound quality.  Anytune 3’s features tower over other slow-downer iOS apps, and are more comparable to desktop software costing much more and lacking the ultra-mobility of the iPad.  Key features include:

  • Import music from your iTunes library
  • Adjust tempo and pitch with high-quality sound
  • Two waveforms and zoom functionality making it easy to visualize the music
  • Multiple EQ filters and presets
  • Loop music sections
  • Set and label mark points
  • View lyrics imbedded in the music
  • Plug into Anytune using an adapter and jam along with the music

Features & Functionality

One of the first things you’ll notice when you open Anytune 3 and load up a song is the interface is absolutely gorgeous.   It’s got a professional look and feel.  The redesigned interface has crisp graphics, easy to read text and warm colors.  The controls and buttons are plentiful if not a bit intimidating at first.

Anytune 3 comes in three flavors: FreeAnytune Pro ($12.99) and Anytune Pro HQ ($14.99).  The free version provides good way to try out the app and test it’s functionality.  Once you’re comfortable with how it works you can upgrade to the Pro HQ version to get increased functionality including improved sound quality, EQ and LiveMix.

Two features that really jump out at me the most are the loop and mark point features.  When practicing music there can often be a part that simply snags at you.  Maybe it’s a solo or just a complex passage and you need to repeat it over and over again.  Anytune 3 provides the easiest way I’ve seen yet to loop sections of music by simply dragging the “A” or “B” handles to the desired place on the waveform.   The mark points are equally as useful for getting to parts of the music quickly and easily.  The added ability to name and touch select the mark points to get to music sections quickly, makes rehearsing music a snap!

Sound Quality

One of the main advantages of the Pro HQ version is the increased sound quality compared with the free version.  This makes a huge difference when speeding up or slowing down the music.  Anytune can shift the tempo of a song from 0.05x to 2.50x of the original tempo without affecting the pitch or adversely affecting the quality of the sound.  Likewise, it can shift the pitch from -12.0 to +12.0 semitones.  Normally it’s at the outer extensions of those ranges that shifting tempo and pitch can make music sound too muddy to be usable.  Anytune 3 Pro HQ, however, sounds great when shifting tempo and pitch to the limits.  Now don’t get me wrong. This app doesn’t work magic on low-quality source material, but working with a good-quality MP3 or uncompressed audio file wielded fantastic results in my tests.

TIP: To get the absolute best sound quality results while shifting tempo and pitch to high or low extremes, use a high-quality MP3 at 256 kbps or a .WAV or AIFF file.

Overall, this latest version of Anytune is definitely a leap forward improving upon an already very good app.  There are so many good uses for this app that I’m sure it will find its way into my music workflow in ways I’m not even aware of yet.  For the $14.99 price, the Pro HQ version is a very good value and a good weapon in any performing artist’s tool kit.

Anytune Pro HQ Music Practicing iOS App

Stephan Earl

Composing, recording and producing music in the home studio environment for over 25 years, musician and author Stephan Earl now enjoys sharing his home studio setup experience with other home studio recording musicians via


    Chris Heeren

    Thanks for your review! S, can you take vocals down or completely out with this app? Also, I’m trying to isolate the bass parts but am unable to…any suggestions? Thanks


      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the comment. Anytune doesn’t work like a karaoke that can cancel out parts by phasing out frequencies. It merely provides a variety of EQ filters that you can use to reduce the volume of a bass part substantially enough for you to plug in a bass and play on top. Vocals would be a bit more difficult because they sit in the center of the frequency range and to reduce this too much is to take out the whole mids of the song. I don’t know of any app for iPad that works like Karaoke and phases out entire parts.


    This actually looks pretty cool. Would be cool if it had some basic EQing capabilities. Maybe it does?

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