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Cubase iC for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Cubase iC

Are you looking for a simple way to control Cubase remotely and use Cubase’s arranger track feature in an Ableton Live like fashion?  Then Cubase iC for iPhone and iPod Touch may be the solution you need.

Cubase iC is a free app on iTunes that gives you fast and precise control of essential functions from anywhere within your Wi-Fi network’s range.  Cubase iC gives you access to basic transport functions, allows you to monitor playback position and control the unique Arranger Track.Cubase ic - Arranger Track The current app is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch, however it works on the iPad just fine as long as you’re OK with the decreased x2 resolution.

The great thing to me about Cubase iC is that I’ve been searching for a way to trigger song sections in the arranger track similar to the way you can trigger Ableton Live from Novation’s Launchpad.  This free little app solved that problem.  It doesn’t control any mixer settings outside of the transport, but its allows you a way to turn on and off the click track.

Setup is easy and requires the download of Steinberg’s SKI Remote.  Download and installation instructions can be found here on Steinberg’s website.

Here’s a demo of Cubase iC from NAMM09:


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