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My Home Recording Studio 1.0

My Home recording Studio ver 1.0

My Home Recording Studio 1.0

I’ll consider this my therapy session number one since this is my first ever post on HomeMusicProduction.com.  Let me preface this with a disclaimer that my music creation is not all about the gear. However, being a chronic gear head, playing with all the latest music production hardware and software is a whole lot of fun.  I liken it to having toys as a kid. Ok, so what am I using these days?

music creation is not all about the gear.

The center of my recording universe is Cubase currently at version 5.  I started my home recording studio with Sonar, then Pro Tools and ended up with Cubase which I love. At the time of this writing, I’m running Cubase on a Vista 64 system networked to a vista 32 system using FX Teleport.  The networked system is just for plug-ins, and after a year of trying different combinations this is what currently works best for me.

My keyboard workstation is the Yamaha Motif XS.  In hind sight, I could have been fine with a basic MIDI controller, however having the sounds in the Motif have come in handy a few times.  My primary plugins are Ivory, Omnisphere, Trillian, RMX, Kontakt 4, Real Guitar and Real Strat run through Amplitube2.

I like the Korg padKontrol for tapping out rhythms. My pad tapping drum skills are improving. I’m primarily using Addictive Drums and  EZ Drummer for acoustic drum sounds. I use the Motif for all electronic drum sounds… it has a lot.

I play saxophone and abolutely love the Akai EWI 4000s Wind Controller Synth.  The EWI is mostly run through the Sample Modeling collection of saxes Akai EWIand the trumpet.  Kontakt is used for all sampled sounds, and synth sounds are usually EWI 4000s internal synth sounds from Patchman or Omnisphere. I intend to devote more time to programming Omnisphere as I’ve only scratched the surface of this instrument.

My Soprano saxophone is a Selmer S600 with a Dukoff Jazz 8 mouthpiece.

I’m sure there’s much I’ve missed, but again this is only my first therapy session. My wife laughs when I call my current home recording studio rig version 1.4.2.  That’s because over the course of three years it has been constantly changing.  As I learn more about music production equipment and software I test out new things and am constantly looking to improve the quality and ergonomics of my setup, and quality of the recordings.


UPDATED: Below are some of my other home recording studio setups over the years.

Current Home Studio

Check out  My Home Recording Studio Tour to see my current home recording studio setup.

Current Home Recording Studio - Home Music Production

Home Studio 3.0

Here’s an image of my Mac-based home recording studio version 3.0

Home Recording Studio ver 3.0 - Home Music Production

Home Studio 2.0

Check out My Home Recording Studio ver 2.0 to read more about this three monitor, networked  PC-based setup.

Home Recording Studio ver 2.0 - Home Music Production

1991 Home Studio

Here’s an image of my home recording studio in 1991.  I’ll have a post on this gear soon, but it was a PC DOS focused setup running “Sequencer Plus” by Voyetra. The controllers are Roland’s S-10 sampler and D-10 keyboard.  Recording went to a Tascam 688 8-track then down to DAT tape.

Home Recording Studio 1991 - Home Music Production

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