Home Music Production: Getting Started - a complete guide to setting up your home studio to make professional sounding music at home.

Home Music Production

Getting Started

by Stephan Earl



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ome Music Production: Getting Started is a complete “how-to” guide to set up your home recording studio, so you can create professional sounding music at home.

Creating professional sounding music at home has never been more possible. With the power of today’s computers and software, you can play, record and produce music “in the box” with only a few key purchases.

However, with the vast selection of music production hardware and software available on the market, it’s difficult to know what gear and software is right for you and your music production needs.

Home Music Production: Getting Started, provides you with clear and detailed information and suggestions to help you get your home recording studio setup and running without wasting money on items you won’t need.



Inside Home Music Production:Getting Started, You’ll Find:

120 PAGES OF DETAILED INFORMATION, ILLUSTRATIONS AND SUGGESTIONS: You won’t find any vague or glossy descriptions in this book.  It’s filled with suggestions on computers, hardware, software, acoustic room treatment and home recording studio setup.  URL links accompany all product descriptions and suggestions, so you can easily go right the the developer or manufacturer’s website for current and specific product information.  This book is also designed to work hand-in-hand with www.HomeMusicProduction.com to ensure the information within the book stays current.  There are links within the book directly to articles within Home Music Production to give you the latest information, product reviews and comparisons.

ANSWERS TO FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: One of the reasons I decided to write Home Music Production: Getting Started , was to help answer some of the many hardware, software and setup questions that I often receive.   This book contains answers to questions frequently asked by other musicians, DJ’s and music producers who are just starting out with setting up a home recording studio.

THE BEST TYPE OF COMPUTER TO BUY FOR A HOME RECORDING STUDIO: Whether you’re looking for a laptop or desktop, or an Apple Mac or Windows PC; the type of computer you get will have an enormous impact on your ability to create music “Headache-Free”.  How much RAM is enough?  How fast of a CPU is needed?  Should you get a computer with a solid state drive (SSD) or will a standard hard disk drive (HDD) be OK?

HOW MUCH AUDIO AND MIDI HARDWARE IS REQUIRED: Must have vs. nice to have.  This book covers the types of hardware that are used to create and record music with a focus on exactly what’s needed, based on your style of music and desired workflow.  With today’s computers being more powerful than ever, more and more functions can be done in the computer and require less external hardware.  However, with the power and flexibility of today’s MIDI and studio controllers, there are a lot of options to get just the right level of tactile control over your home recording software.

DIGITAL AUDIO WORKSTATION (DAW): The computer and the DAW are the heart and soul of your home recording studio.  While most popular DAWs today have similar features, the differences are mainly in the interface and workflow.  The DAW you choose should match your style of working.  In this book we discuss the top five popular DAWs and how they are best known.  This book has specific suggestions on how to go about choosing a DAW that’s right for you, and not just one that is the most popular… unless you plan to take your tracks to commercial studios for further production and mixing.

VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS AND EFFECTS: Home Music Production: Getting Started breaks down and categorizes all current types of virtual instrument and effects plug-ins so you have a good idea of what types of plug-ins exist and what they do.  I also provide suggestions to get you started based on the type of sound you may be looking to achieve.  Whether you’re looking to emulate acoustic instruments using sampled and physical modeling instruments, or your looking to create new sounds using analog, digital or granular synthesis.  This book defines some the confusing terms out their such as: samples drums, virtual drummers, synth drums, drum machines and groove machines; and through www.HomeMusicProduction.com you will continue to receive quality reviews on virtual instruments and effects in the future.

Since this book is focused on getting you started with your studio, I also very openly suggest that you start out using and learning virtual effects that come bundled with your DAW before considering third-party effects plug-ins.  I truly belive this is best when you are just starting out.

iPAD APPS USED FOR MUSIC PRODUCTION:  As a person who stood in line for the first generation iPad, this topic is near and dear to my heart.  In this section of Home Music Production: Getting Started, I discuss the various ways that iPads are being integrated into the creative workflows of many musicians, DJ’s and producers.  We take a look at mobile DAW apps, synth and groove apps, studio controller apps, and discuss how to connect an iPad to your primary studio setup.  We also review how to use the iPad as your primary music recording workstation.

ACOUSTIC ROOM TREATMENT AND SETTING UP YOUR HOME STUDIO.  Here’s where it all comes together.  This book provides detailed descriptions and illustrations on how and where to setup your desk, speakers, computer and other hardware.  We also talk a little theory here on the importance of acoustically treating your room to isolate and absorb sound reflections.


Home Music Production: Getting Started by Stephan EarlHome Music Production: Getting Started

A complete guide to setting up your home recording studio to create professional sounding music at home.


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About The Interactive Version

Both eBook versions are on sale for the very low price of $9.99!

Home Music Production: Getting Started, is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook versions.  It’s also available in the iTunes Bookstore as an Interactive eBook.  Both eBook versions are on sale for the very low price of $9.99!  However, the Interactive (or Enhanced) eBook available in the iTunes bookstore exclusively for iPad and other iOS devices, contains several features not available in the Kindle eBook.  Some interactive features include: embedded videos, increased images with touch galleries, interactive images, interactive review, glossary with images, and standard and text-focused views.  Watch the video above to see the Interactive eBook in action.


About The Author

Stephan Earl - Author - Home Music Production: Getting Started

Stephan Earl is passionate about music and has been since the age of 12 when he first learned to play the clarinet. Born in Queens, New York City; Stephan has been composing, recording and producing music in the home studio environment for over 25 years.

In 2010, Stephan founded www.HomeMusicProduction.com to help other musicians who are looking to create and produce professional sounding music at home.

In his spare time, he enjoys creating music, writing and spending time with his family.






    you need to translate in Spanish.. is a good book but if you translate in Spanish you will sold more books, this types of books don’t come in Spanish.. that will very helpful to a lot of Latin
    my humble advice..


    Hi Stephan,
    I am sure it is a great book, and I was planning to buy it. but it’s not available on the Turkish iTunes store; only the US store. Are you able to make it available for purchase for Turkish store? Also, kindle edition is also not available in Turkey. Thus, your help is needed. Thanks.


      Hi Dirse,
      I’ve looked into both iTunes and Amazon and don’t currently have the option to retail in Turkey with either store. I’ll create a link today where you can download a PDF.


    Hi Stephan

    Greetings from the Netherlands. I got your book earlier this week and am just finishing it up. I wanted to come back and say thanks for all the info. This is absolutely a great book!


    I wanted to get the iBook version but couldn’t find it In the Hong Kong iTune Store. Could you enable it in the HK store as well?

    Mike BP

    Hi Stephan,

    Looks like a great book, and I was going to buy it but it’s not available on the Australian iTunes store; only the US store. Are you able to make it available for purchase for this Australian store? I’m pretty sure I know half a dozen other musicians and home recording people who would equally like to review and buy the book. Cheers. Mike BP.


      Hi Mike BP,

      Thanks for pointing that out. I just went into iTunes and activated the book in the Australian iTunes store. You should be able to see it there straight away. Let me know if you don’t. Thanks for leaving the comment.

        Mike BP

        Hi Stephan,

        Thanks so much! Grabbed it and it is amazing. Well done on creating a quality product and sharing your knowledge and experience. Cheers.


          Thanks again Mike BP for the support. And great news! Yesterday Apple released an update to iBooks which automatically updates your copy of the book to the latest version. So your single purchase of this book guarantees you Free updates and revisions moving forward.


    I was waiting for the iBooks version to come out for the iPad and noticed it was out today so I just downloaded it. I’m still trying to decide what computer to get. I’m looking at either a MacBook or iMac. I got through your computer chapter and wow your suggestions make a lot of sense.


    I purchased this book on paperback last week and found it very helpful. I’m a bit old school with music and have been out of the game for a minute. I’m thinking of getting back into it and found this book after a search. Glad I got it. I’m going to chew on some of this info for a while before I start buying stuff. Thanks. Mike.

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