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Home Music Production: Getting Started Book by Stephan Earl

Home Music Production Getting Started Book by Stephan Earl

I’m happy to report that I’ve recently published my new book Home Music Production: Getting Started.  I have to say that I have a new found respect for anyone who’s taken on such an endeavor.

It came about because I wanted to help answer some of the great questions that I get from fellow musicians, DJs, and producers who are just starting to put together a home recording studio.  They’re eager to dive in and get going with creating music, but don’t know where to start.  They may have a limited budget (don’t we all), and they want to make sure that every bit of the funds available are well spent and not wasted on kit that isn’t needed.

And as easy and readily available as this information may seam to be, it’s really not when you begin to search the web and suddenly get bombarded with great marketing videos telling you that their product is a MUST HAVE.  It’s difficult to weed through all of the product marketing to know what’s any good, so you go to the forums.  There you see 25 responses to the question: What’s the best [you fill in the blank] to buy to create music?  And out of the 25 responses given, there are 24 different opinions from 24 different perspectives, and you have no idea what other gear they have, or within what genre of music they’re using that gear to create music.

Getting started building a home recording studio can be very confusing!

I wrote Home Music Production: Getting Started to provide answers to these questions to get you up and running with your home recording studio in an informed way, without wasting money on non-essential items.  This book provides 120 pages of detailed information and answers to the questions:

  • What’s the best computer to purchase for music production (laptop, desktop, Mac, PC)?
  • What music production hardware is needed (MIDI controllers, speakers, desks, etc)?
  • What music production software is needed (DAW, VST, AU, RTAS, etc.)?
  • How can I incorporate an iPad into a music production setup (music apps, DAW controller apps, connection options)?
  • How do I acoustically treat my room to listen to, record, mix and master my music?
  • How should I setup my home recording studio to ensure the best listening experience for mixing?


Home Music Production: Getting Started

So if you’re a musician, DJ, or music producer who is just starting to build a home recording studio, you should check out Home Music Production: Getting Started.  It’s available in eBook formats for Kindle and iBooks, and is also available on paperback.

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Check out this video to learn more and watch a quick demo of the iBooks version for the iPad.

Stephan Earl

Composing, recording and producing music in the home studio environment for over 25 years, musician and author Stephan Earl now enjoys sharing his home studio setup experience with other home studio recording musicians via HomeMusicProduction.com.