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How to Get Your Music Onto Spotify


Get Your Music onto Spotify - Home Music Production

When Spotify took the world by storm by opening its music streaming service to users in America, every independent artist wanted a piece of the pie.  And with good reason.  To date, there are more than 15 million users subscribing to the service.  That is the number of people who likely have access to your music, if your songs are featured in Spotify.

A Brief Background

Spotify originated in Sweden in 2008 as a fully legal method of sharing music through streaming.  People can search for artists, songs or albums and listen to tracks in full length, even without paying.  Users must download the Spotify player, which automatically searches for your playlist in the hard drive.  Your playlist will be then added to the music library, sharing access to people who may have similar interests as you. There are three subscription plans ranging from free to $9.99 per month.  Paying subscribers can stream music without the ads. Premium subscribers can download the songs so they can listen to them offline.

So, how can you get your music to Spotify? Read on to be spotted!

Choose an Aggregator

Aggregators are legally tasked to distribute your music in digital format.  This is how Spotify does its business.  The aggregator processes the details about your music, preparing it in compressed file types ready for digital distribution. One of the highly rated aggregators in the industry is TuneCore, offering flat rates when you submit your material and paying you due royalties after your music gets streamed.  Another popular aggregator is CD Baby.

Uploading the Correct Format

TuneCore requires you to upload your songs in the proper format, specifically in uncompressed .WAV file type with 16-bit resolution and 44.1 kHz sample rate.  You will then receive a UPC code for your release, assigning it a TuneCore ID.  Aggregators like TuneCore prefer working with audio file types that come from the original digital masters.

Earn in Two Ways

It takes about a week for Spotify to get your music live on its system.  There are two ways to earn money when you are listed at Spotify. Each time your song is streamed, you will receive a share of the ad revenue, calculated individually based on the number of times your material is streamed in a month.  Users also have the option to purchase your songs, just like in iTunes.  A pre-negotiated rate is placed on your account every time someone buys your song.


Don’t expect big returns in an instant.  Remember that you’re earning through ad revenues.  Also, the payout period usually takes two months after your music has been played.  To make the most out of your earning capabilities and audience reach in Spotify, you can promote your music through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.  If you maintain a solid base, only then you can see some tangible results.

Changing the way people listen and share music through the Internet, Spotify opens up your music to a world of possibilities.  It certainly gives independent artists a chance to sell their music online through the unique streaming service.

Stephan Earl

Composing, recording and producing music in the home studio environment for over 25 years, musician and author Stephan Earl now enjoys sharing his home studio setup experience with other home studio recording musicians via HomeMusicProduction.com.