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Interview with Developer Vojtech Meluzin Founder of MeldaProduction

Interview with Developer Vojtech Meluzin of Melda Production

Recently, I’ve been trying out a very cool virtual drummer instrument called MDrummer 4 by MeldaProduction.  MDrummer 4 is a feature-rich virtual drumming software that has a wealth of high-quality drum and percussion sounds, and also features an intuitive rhythm generator and a multitude of effects processors (my full MDrummer 4 review is coming soon!).  MeldaProduction also produces an array of virtual effects plug-ins including: MDynamics, MAutoVolume, MMutiBandConvolution and many more.

I had an opportunity to interview MeldaProduction founder and developer Vojtěch Meluzín, and ask him some questions regarding MDrummer 4, MeldaProduction origins, and his thoughts on the industry.


HMP:  Tell us about your interest in music software? Are you a musician?

Vojtěch:  Yes! I’m a musician with all my heart. I play almost any instrument (at least a little), except for violin, which just sounds horrible in my hands :).  In fact, I have been doing music for a living for some time.  I have been recording my music since the age of 10, with the ancient technologies.  And when I got older, I started studying mathematics and informatics.


HMP:  What was the catalyst to begin MeldaProduction?

Vojtěch:  I decided to create something I needed (MDrummer, the virtual drummer) just for fun and as a school project actually.  After some time the thing became bigger and bigger and I started to think “maybe I could sell it”.  Well the beginnings have been hard, but after some time it started working well.  My portfolio got bigger and bigger.  I came up with more and more new ideas and I’m proud to say that the income is growing – which lets me focus completely on the company, coming up with new stuff and realize my ideas.


HMP:  So were you looking to fill a void in the market by developing a virtual drummer?

Vojtěch:  Not really. When I was in college, I was creating my music.  But since my resources were lets say limited (or more like nonexistent :), I had to do everything on an old computer and recording drums was quite impossible.  So despite my main instrument being drums, I decided to simplify my work by creating a simple drum machine with just one loop player and a sampler.  But soon it became not enough, and I started expanding it more and more.  And at that moment I actually didn’t care about the market, it was just a hobby.


HMP:  MDrummer is a pretty robust virtual instrument.  In developing MDrummer, is the focus more on providing great features and flexibility? Or is the focus more on ease of use?

Vojtěch:  Pretty robust is probably not enough :).  It’s huge… In fact it is too huge :).  It was always about making it as versatile as possible.  It’s the way I think about everything though.  I first make everything as versatile as possible, and then I try to come up with some interface that would cover the advanced features.  It’s sometimes a big challenge though.


HMP:  MeldaProduction also produces an array of audio effect processing plug-ins. Were these products a result of developing audio effects for MDrummer, or was this initiated separately?

Interview with Developer Vojtech Meluzin of Melda ProductionVojtěch:  Actually it all came from MDrummer which had several effects used on drum pipelines, and I decided to extract the effects into a form of VST plugins.  I never thought they would be successful.  Despite the fact they had quite a lot of features, I just didn’t know so much about what’s on the market. But the free effects became very successful and I started experimenting with more ideas.  I’m still waiting for the moment I’ll be able to finally stop and start focusing on some synths etc.  But there are just so many ideas… 🙂


HMP:  Can you describe for us your creative or development process?

Vojtěch:  Well, I usually come up with some idea and I try it directly by implementing.  It’s kind of a risky process and sometimes it just doesn’t work, but usually it does.  And the framework here is so optimized, that creating a new plugin is really quick.  Most of it is the DSP itself.


HMP:  What are your thoughts on the way technology in music production is progressing?

Vojtěch:  In my opinion, most companies ended in a stone age constantly recreating each other’s ideas many years old, cloning hardware, etc.  That fortunately gives me the opportunity to come up with something new ;).


HMP:  Are there any projects that you’re currently working on?

VM:  Many, but it’s a secret :).


HMP:  Is there any advice you would like to give to HomeMusicProduction.com readers who may be interested in music production or software development?

Vojtěch:  Sure, check www.meldaproduction.com :). I think it is a lot about experience. When you start making music, you have to understand it will take quite some time to learn how to make it sound well.  So you need to read some books, experiment a little, and of course you need good tools, so again, check www.meldaproduction.com :).

Want to check out MDrummer 4 for yourself?  A free version is available for download at www.meldaproduction.com

Many thanks to Vojtěch Meluzín and MeldaProduction for taking the time to do this interview.  We look forward to more great products from MeldaProduction in the future.


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