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iSequence for iPad

iSequence App for iPad by BeepStreet

I’m frequently asked, what’s a good DAW for the iPad.  Well, there are many cool music production iPad apps out there most of which focus on audio recording or audio loop playback.  But if you’re looking for a powerful digital audio workstation for the iPad that allows for original music creation, look no further than iSequence by BeepStreet.

This app is no new-comer to the app store and I’ve actually had it since version 1.0.  However, the latest 2.1 version really makes this app practical for musicians and even more powerful than before.   So if you’ve got a three hour flight or some waiting time at the dentist’s office, you can create original music that can later be imported into your Mac or PC workstation.

FeaturesiSequence for iPad by BeepStreet

Priced at $14.99 in the app store this feature rich app includes:
– 165 sounds with additional sound banks available for in-app purchase.
– 8-track pattern based sequencer.  Up to 999 patterns per project.  Instruments are not bound to tracks so you can play chords or use multiple instruments on a single track.
– Step-time and real-time recording with metronome and slow down recording.
– Six octave piano keyboard and 12 drum pads.
– Sampler; mapping, loops, ADSR envelope and sample start.
– Mixer with five configurable effects and effect curve editor.
– WiFi sharing and export: MIDI, WAV, HSQ (iSequence native format) and Audio Copy which allows you to save performances to the iPad buffer for recall into other iPad apps.

SoundsiSequence for iPad by BeepStreet

iSequence comes with 165 sounds ranging from drum kits and acoustic instruments to cool synth sounds suitable for any genre.  When I first downloaded the app, I expected the sounds to be thin and tinny, but they are anything but that.  The included instruments are of high quality and sound full.  With the export features you can quickly make grooves then export via WiFi into Logic, Cubase or your DAW of choice.

There are additional sound banks available for purchase from within the app itself for about $1.99 each including: Acoustic bank, Electro/House Bank, ChipTunes Bank and Loops 1 & 2.  I have the Acoustic and Electro/House Banks and the sounds are very usable.

You can also import your own samples in WAV or AIFF format from your desktop using WiFi connectivity.  This is a great feature not just for importing sounds and loops, but using the Drum Kit edit feature  you can create your own drum kits and edit each sound within the kit.

Ease of Use

OK so this isn’t your typical iPad app that you download and master in 10 mins.  There’s a lot of functionality packed into this app and hence there’s some learning curve as you would expect from any DAW of this capacity.   Once you pickup on how the tracks and instrument sets work, workflow is quick and very  intuitive.  With iSequence you can take the project as deep as you like either creating a couple of quick 8-bar patterns, or complex songs using up to 999 patterns.  Although some functions such as pattern copy and paste certainly speed up the creating proces, you could easily spend a few hours working on a complete song, or 15 mins on a couple of 8-bar grooves.

BeepStreet provides a comprehensive 52-page user manual available on its website, and also has several video tutorials available on its You Tube channel.

Check out the iSequence video Demo and Quickstart Tutorial below from BeepStreet:

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