Posted July 18, 2010 by Stephan Earl in Reviews

MaxiVista for iPad

On a previous post I discussed Air Display for iPad which works only with a Mac and allows a monitor to be extended to your iPad.  Well today I’m happy to have tried out MaxiVista for iPad by Bartels Media GmbH, which is an extended monitor app for iPad that works with Windows PCs. 

At a cost of $9.99 this app is a great way to increase your screen real estate, allowing you to bring your computer workspace closer to you, or allow you to carry it away from your desk.  Installation was quick and instantaneous.  The longest part of the installation was simply downloading the server software.  After running the installation, it instantly found the iPad and I was up and running.  I’m running dual monitors on a 64 bit Windows 7 system, and when I selected for the iPad to be at the right of my current screen, it instantly made it my third most right monitor.

Currently, a major limitation of MaxiVista (as of version 1.0 July 12 release) is the lack of touch screen functionality such as you will find on Air Display.  The website FAQ page states that remote control functionalty will be available on a future update.  I’m excited just thinking of the day when I can slide Battery 3 onto this screen, and tap the drum sounds directly from the iPad.

Here’s a video demonstration of MaxiVista.


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