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Music Production Video Learning

If you’re like me then you’re on a constant quest for music and production knowledge.  First there’s knowledge for honing your musical or instrumental technique and then there’s knowledge for music and recording production.  For the latter, I have a couple of good reference books for mixing and mastering and I’m constantly reading manufacturer reference manuals; but here are a couple of websites with great video learning modules.


NEDi (same company as macProVideo.com) provides great streaming music production learning videos with topics including: Cubase, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Studio Recording Techniques, Kontakt and Kore by Native Instruments, Omnisphere and Trilian by Spectrasonics, Reason and more.  The instructors pace the sessions well and the lessons are broken down into many sections so you can easily jump to the portion that you need.  Video format is Quicktime and the quality is great.  All lessons are viewable by streaming directly from the website, via N.E.D.i app for iPhone, iTouch and iPad, or via NED Web which is a downloadable viewer. 

NonLinear Educating offers both individual lesson downloads and subscription based video streaming which I preferPricing is subscription based with three pricing plans ranging from FREE for introductary videos, $15 for 101 courses up to $25 per month for the PRO all access subscription.  You can see their subscription plans here.

View the Cubase 101: Core Cubase video.

View the Pro Tools 8 101: Core Pro Tools 8 video.

View the Ableton Live 8 101: Core Live 8 video.


While NEDi has many different types of video learning modules including lessons for video editing, photo editing and music production software; Groove3.com focuses specifically on music and music production software.  Groove3 streaming videos are also high quality and presented in a very easy to use video interface.  Since the source video is also Quicktime it’s ready for play on the iPad and looks great with no need for an app.  Groove3 lesson topics include: Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton Live, Recording & Mixing, Music Theory, Reason and more.  The Recording & Mixing category has some very interesting lesson topics for home recording producers such as: Designing Your Own Home Studio and Effect Plug-ins Explained. 

Groove3 offers both individual lesson downloads and video streaming.  Pricing for downloads range from $29.99 for individual lessons to about $44.99 for lesson bundles.  Subscription plans range from $29.99 for 30 day access to $74.99 for 90 day access.

Recording School Online
Another video learning site worth noting is Recording School Online.  It hosts several lessons of interest to the home recording artist such as mixing and mastering, mixing drums, equalizers, mixing synths, etc.  Lessons follow an actual recording session, however the instructor tends to drag on and waste too much time reiterating points.  Also there are no streaming videos so you have to download the large files to your computer.  File format as of this writing is Flash only so these videos will not view on your iPad or iPhone.  Although RSO is not the best, I list it here because they have some really interesting topics that are worth looking into.

If you’re looking for a good music production video learning website, both NEDi and Groove3 are top notch.  If you’re interested in learning video and photo editing software in addition to music production software, then NEDi may be for you.  If you’re focused solely on music production and want a more diverse music learning set, then Groove3 may be for you.  Ultimately you should visit them both and decide from there.  If you’re reading this post and  know of other great music production video learning websites, then please leave a comment and let me know.  Happy learning!

Stephan Earl

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