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Organizing Drum Samples into Drum Banks with NI Maschine

Organizing Drum Samples in Maschine

Organizing Drum Samples with Maschine

With so much sound content available these days, it can be difficult to keep up with the vast amount of sounds available to us home studio recording musicians.  This is especially true with drum samples.  Most drum sample libraries contain hundreds if not thousands of one-shot samples, and getting quick access to your sounds during the creative process is critical.  Well NI Maschine offers a few intuitive ways to organize your drum samples either as drum kits or as drum banks (drum menus).


Organizing your drum samples as drum kits is the most common method and involves saving a different drum sound type (ex. kick, snare, hi-hat, etc.) onto each drum pad of Maschine.  A drum pad on Maschine is called a “sound” by the way.


Organizing your drum samples as drum banks in Maschine using only the Maschine or Maschine Mikro controllers, involves saving a single drum type (ex. kick drums) onto each of Maschine’s 16 drum pads.  This is easily accomplished in Maschine by dragging and dropping drum samples from Maschine’s browser onto sound slots 1 through 16, and saving the group as a single drum bank.


If you have an external MIDI keyboard, you can also organize your drum samples as drum banks that are mapped to individual notes across the keyboard.  So if you have a 61-key controller, you can map 61 different kick samples to the individual keys on the keyboard and save this to one pad (or sound) in Maschine.

Organizing Drum Samples with Maschine

In the video below, I demonstrate how you can organize your drum samples into drum banks using Maschine and a MIDI keyboard.  Organizing and saving drum banks in this way allows you to have more of your favorite drum samples available as a “super kit” ready to record into Maschine or directly into a DAW such as Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic or Ableton Live.

With Maschine, this “super kit” can also include drum kits and drum banks from your favorite VST and AU plug-ins since Maschine is a plug-in host as well.  You can even instansiate reverb and other effect units on one of Maschine’s 16 drum pads, and send an AUX signal from your drum samples to this effect.  This means you can save your drum banks with effects as a self-contained group.

Organizing Drum Samples with Maschine

Check out Virtual Drums That Rock! – NI Maschine to read more about Maschine by Native Instruments.

Maschine is a great tools for organizing your drum samples and VST / AU plug-ins into drum banks or “super kits” to super-charge your creative flow.

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