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Home Recording Studio Tour

Home Recording Studio Tour Part 1 – Hardware

In this three-part video blog, I take you on a tour of my new home recording studio.  In part 1, I show you the hardware that Im currently using to create music.  In part 2, I’ll show some of the software and plug-ins that I’m using.  And in part 3, I’ll take you through my workflow.

Here’s a listing of the hardware tools and instruments that are mentioned in Part 1 of this studio tour.

Be sure to leave a comment below if you have any questions on the hardware or anything mentioned during this studio tour.  Click here to view Part 2 of this studio tour.

Current home studio hardware:


  • A1 Edit Desk by KK Audio


  •  27″ iMac, 2.93Ghz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD (Solid State)  Drive
  • Second Monitor – 23″ Samsung LED (set to 1344 x 756 resolution)
  • 15″ MacBook Pro, Quad-Core i7, 4GB RAM
  • Steinberg UR824
  • M-Audio BX5a
  • KRK Rockit 8 (Limited Edition Ferrari Grey)
  • Sony MDR-7506 headphones
  • Korg Kronos 61
  • M-Audio Oxygen 88
  • Selmer SS600 Soprano
  • Dukoff #7 metal mouthpiece
  • Korg Wavedrum
  • 2 – iPad 1st Generation
  • Lemur App (Dual iPad template available FREE on this site HERE)
  • Akai EWI 4000s
  • Logitech Xbox 360 Wireless Guitar Controller
  • CyberPower OR700 (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
  • APC XS1300 UPS
  • CyberPower CPS-1215RM rack mount power strip
  • Technical Pro PS-B9 rack mount AC switch
  • Acoustic Wall Panels – Home made.  See HERE for details.
  • Bass Traps – Aurelex 2′ Bass Traps
  • Shure SM7B (Voiceover mic)
  • Audio Technica ATR3350 (Camera lavalier mic)
  • AKG Precision 120 USB Mic
  • Audio Technica AT3035
  • SE Project Studio “Baby” Portable Vocal Booth


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Below are some of my other home recording studio setups over the years.

Current Home Studio

As seen above.

Current Home Recording Studio - Home Music Production

Home Studio 3.0

Here’s an image of my Mac-based home recording studio version 3.0.  It was a simple ergonomic setup with an iPad used as the primary controller.

Home Recording Studio ver 3.0 - Home Music Production

Home Studio 2.0

Visit My Home Recording Studio ver 2.0 to read more about this PC-based three monitor setup.

Home Recording Studio ver 2.0 - Home Music Production

Home Studio 1.0

Visit My Home Recording Studio ver 1.0 to read more about this three monitor, networked  PC-based setup.

Home Recording Studio ver 1.0 - Home Music Production

1991 Home Studio

Here’s an image of my home recording studio in 1991.  I’ll have a post on this gear soon, but it was a PC DOS focused setup running “Sequencer Plus” by Voyetra. The controllers are Roland’s S-10 sampler and D-10 keyboard.  Recording went to a Tascam 688 8-track then down to DAT tape.

Home Recording Studio 1991 - Home Music Production

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