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touchAble App for iPad

touchAble App for iPad

If you use Ableton Live to produce music and you have an iPad, then you’re in for a treat.  If you’re still only considering getting an iPad, then this might be your justification.   AppBC just released its touchAble app for iPad, and it’s probably the most feature rich iPad controller app for music production I’ve used to date.

TouchAble isn’t just a clip launcher, it’s a complete controller for your Live sessions featuring a clip grid for launching clips, mixer controls, device controls for sends, EQ and more, 17 note keyboard control, 16 drum pads, and transport controls.

touchAble app for iPadtouchAble app for iPadtouchAble app for iPad

TouchAble is available on iTunes at a cost of $16.99 which is a complete bargain considering this app eliminates the need for hardware controllers such as Akai’s APC40 and Novation’s Launchpad costing $400 and $150 respectively.

Setup was simple taking only a few minutes, and the instructions provided are very thorough.  I made the mistake of accidentally installing the supplied touchAble scripts into a folder with an older version of Ableton Live.  I installed them into the Live 8.14 folder instead of the Live 8.15 folder.  I contacted touchAble support and the programmer got right back to me and helped me figure out my issue.  Once I installed the scripts into the right place I was up and running.  Here’s a link to the setup instructions on the touchAble website.

Checkout this demonstration video which details many of touchAble’s features:

Although Cubase is my primary DAW for recording and mixing, Ableton Live is a great application that I use as a songwriting scratchpad for quickly recording musical ideas and clips for later use.  What’s fantastic about touchAble app for iPad is that I can record several music ideas as clips, then trigger them using touchAble while improvising from my piano.  Once I have a completed musical idea, I’ll rewire the tracks from Live into Cubase for more detailed mixing and production.  I’ll discuss this in more detail in a future post.

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